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I haven't posted here since October. Oops.

-Failed NaNoWriMo 2011, mainly because school sucked up my life and kicked my ass by the end of November.

-Still working on Mageborn, slowly. Ridiculously slow. Slow enough that I don't remember one of the things I'd had in mind in November for an upcoming scene, because I didn't write it down, which is bugging me to no end. I VAGUELY remember it, but at this point I'm probably going to end up writing what I THINK I remember for that. :|

One of the reasons I've barely been working on it is because I got stuck on a scene that I'm out of practice writing, and...I dunno. Role playing and school have pretty much distracted me from trying to push through that scene.

-I fully intend to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this summer, in both sessions.

Goals are:

-If I can by some miracle finish the first draft of Mageborn by the first session, I will either:
1. Take a break from it for the first session and do a prequel/sequel-type-thing...probably a prequel.
2. Use it to write the second draft of Mageborn

-If I do not finish the first draft by then I will either:
1. Rebel and just keep writing Mageborn for the first session and not start a fresh story
2. Take a break from Mageborn and do the prequel instead.

Depending on what happens with Camp NaNo, I will either use some form of a draft of Magbeorn or the prequel/sequel for NaNo 2012...and hopefully I won't be stuck taking classes at that point.

The reason I haven't joined [livejournal.com profile] writerverse like I've seen advertised a lot is because I don't really think that I would participate in any of the challenges right now, honestly. Maybe in the future.

And...I guess that's it.

I need to try and start writing more often again, so I can update this community more often.
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