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I'm not talking about co-writing in person, where you can see your co-author face-to-face, necessarily. I'm talking about co-writing a story, or a novel, with someone on the internet. How would you go about doing it if you weren't planning on publishing? How would you handle writing each others characters? Would you handle it the way you would in role playing online, where you just control your own characters and write in "posts" and then put everything together? Are there any advantages to it? Any disadvantages? If you WERE planning on someday publishing, or maybe just writing stories about the characters that -you- created, how do you think you'd handle that with your co-author? Are you absolutely against co-writing with someone?

I've personally never done it before as far as writing a -novel- is concerned. To me, there's a difference between co-writing a novel with someone and role playing, because role playing is just..different. XD I'm curious about trying it, though, and I actually have a friend at another board for writers that I'd been a member of a few years ago, kind of lost interest and then recently rejoined who I'm starting to talk to about maybe co-writing a story/novel-thing with. I have absolutely no idea how it's going to go, and I don't really know what the easiest method to use is going to be. Do we each just write a chapter? What do we do when our characters are meant to interact with each other?

I'd love to hear your input on this 'cause I think we're going to at least start planning something to co-write together at some point and I don't really know what the best approach to writing it will be.
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