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My LJ friend [livejournal.com profile] kay_brooke's friend posted a story development challenge that [livejournal.com profile] kay_brooke told me about, so this is me posting it for future usage/for anyone else who may want to use it.

Here is a 30 day original story development challenge. It can be filled by prose or illustration or comic or even just script, whatever works for you and how you’ll be displaying the setting. Feel free to reveal as much or as little as you want.

Day 1 - A main protagonist, their bio.
Day 2 - A Main protagonist’s love interest(s), their bio(s).
Day 3 - A main protagonist’s best friend(s), their bio(s).
Day 4 - A main antagonist, their bio.
Day 5 - The place a character sleeps.
Day 6 - The place a character works/goes to school/hangs out whatever.
Day 7 - A major story location.
Day 8 - A character’s parent(s) or guardian
Day 9 - A minor antagonist.
Day 10 - Your character when they were young(er)
Day 11 - What kind of people show up in the background in your world?
Day 12 - How does a character comfort themself?
Day 13 - What kind of foods are popular in the setting?
Day 14 - What is a character’s biggest regret?
Day 15 - What are a character’s bad habits?
Day 16 - What was a character’s first romantic and/or sexual encounter like?
Day 17 - What are popular sports and hobbies in your setting?
Day 18 - What would your protagonist do if they saw your antagonist on the street?
Day 19 - What would your antagonist do if they saw your protagonist on the street?
Day 20 - Demonstrate a character and their best friend and/or love interest interacting as they most commonly do.
Day 21 - What is a character’s deepest desire?
Day 22 - What animals appear in your setting?
Day 23 - A unique place in your setting.
Day 24 - Where did you draw inspiration for the setting/story from?
Day 25 - A character’s proudest moment.
Day 26 - What special talents or abilities does a character have?
Day 27 - Describe/Illustrate is an average day to a character.
Day 28 - A character’s most embrassing moment.
Day 29 - Describe/illustrate an important thematic element.
Day 30 - Describe/Illustrate a major event in the setting’s history.


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